More about Splash Photography liquid canvas

Here is all you need to know about Splash Photography.

Liquid Canvas Is about high speed macro photography dedicated to capture the brilliant formations which take place when two drops of liquids collide with each other.This phenomenon which is otherwise so fast that it is invisible to the naked eye is choreographed during photography by using suitable backgrounds and appropriate light effects to bring out the best in each “splash” which takes place. Images obtained are as they are on camera and NOT photoshopped … It is real time surreal photography.

Since it is a split second phenomenon and its done in a dark room precision, practice and patience is of prime importance. Usually the failure rates are very high but once a desired result is obtained the results are outstanding. Truly the world of splash is absolutely brilliant but unexplored.

Commercial and marketing aspects about Splash Photography:

Splash photography has many applications in commercial photography and fine art photography today.

Right from requirements of tea makers to paint manufacturers; from interior designers to bar owners every one just loves splash photography because the images are extremely fresh and soothing to the mind and soul.

It forms a niche genre of photography and is in great demand by ad agencies across the globe.

It is definitely one of the finer forms of photography and design and can be used effectively for visual stimulation and marketing.

Its been 4 years since Dr. Mayur Davda has been practicing this form of photography and has many accolades to his credit.

Splash Photography Images have been displayed at various art exhibitions in India and Internationally.

Splash photography of plain milk with light effects and smoke

Splash photography of plain milk with light effects and smoke


He has been interviewed on National television for Liquid Canvas and splash photography twice over.

Better Photography, India’s most circulated magazine has also interviewed Dr. Mayur Davda for Splash Photography.