Since the beginning of time splashes have fascinated the imagination of many artists.Liquid Canvas is no exception.Splash Photography is extremely fascinating and can stimulate the imagination of many artists.

Dr. Mayur Davda a dentist by profession, Fine art photographer and a Canon Photomentor tries to capture the beauty of splashes that get easily unnoticed in our day to day lives.


Splash photography has many applications in commercial photography and fine art photography today.

Right from requirements of tea makers to paint manufacturers; from interior designers to bar owners every one just loves splash photography because the images are extremely fresh and soothing to the mind and soul.

It forms a niche genre of photography and is in great demand by ad agencies across the globe.

It is definitely one of the finer forms of photography and design and can be used effectively for visual stimulation and marketing.

tea wine splash photography

Images of tea and wine are in high demand by advertising agencies

These images are difficult to make because they are clicked in a dark room so the setup requires a lot of time, precision and practice. There are a large number of failures but the end results are truly satisfying.

Splash photography can be theme based and tailored as per the requirement of the clients needs.

Various media can be used for splashes like water, milk, wine, soda, etc.

Backgrounds are usually set up using large prints of colored paper or just kept plain white or black.

It is a tough job and its probably one of the toughest genres of fine art and product photography  but splashes are extremely satisfying.

The best part of splash photography is that not many pursue it and hence it can open a new array of opportunities for you.


The Dark side of splash photography? 

Yes its messy, time consuming, not always financially rewarding, takes up a lot of set up time and money, needs space etc.

BUT TRUST ME splash photography is still amazing!!